Media Bias and Health “Reform”

Media BiasThis is very likely the first of a multitude of posts related to this topic.  I’ll try not to rant, but pose a few questions for consideration as you evaluate whether the mainstream (now easily mistaken for the “state”) media are fair and balanced (to borrow a phrase).

  1. Why have the media not questioned the immediate laying on of revenue (taxes, fees, reimbursement cuts, etc.) while delaying the cost (subsidies, benefits, etc.) until 2014? 
  2. Relative to the above question, why has the media not inquired as to what the total 10-year cost would be if benefits began immediately?
  3. Why have the media not questioned, even in the most polite terms, the special deals made to, let’s just call it what it is, buy votes? 
  4. With the impending funding crises that are Medicare and Social Security, why has the media not asked how adding another entitlement would help solve these issues?  I remember distinctly the media’s incredulous uproar over GWB and the GOP adding the Medicare drug entitlement. 
  5. Why is the media attacking Fox and other conservative news sources (blogs, etc.) in their approach to inquiring and reporting on “reform”. 

As I’ve posted before, every intelligent free-thinking person knows the answer to these and similar questions.  It’s both sad and scary that the media is so biased toward one political philosophy.  With the death of the Fourth Estate, I fear we are in the early (or perhaps mid) stages of the decline of the Republic.  I just don’t see how any democratic people can survive as a nation/republic without a strong bias toward facts and not spin. 

If the facts can’t sell themselves, the underlying idea is flawed.  It’s the same for shampoo as health “reform”.

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The Gods (and Obama) Must Be Crazy

Is it just me or in this picture does Obama look a lot like N!xau, the little Kalahari tribesman in The Gods Must Be Crazy?  No disrespect here… just an observation. 

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