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Crossing the Rubicon

Victor Davis Hanson wrote an excellent opinion piece on what the passage of the healthcare “reform” bill (here).  He is absolutely right that this bill is very much more about expanding government than reforming healthcare.  Health care is just a vehicle to take greater control of American life. 

Think about it:

  1. Social Security and Medicare are broke… but let’s implement a new entitlement with the objective of reducing cost and lowering the deficit.  Riiiiiiight.
  2. Government will force insurers to take all comers and forbid then from charging more based on risk.  So costs increase while revenues are reduced or held stable… effectively putting insurers out of business or under government bailout (e.g. controlled by government).  Riiiiiiight. 
  3. Raising taxes and fees while imposing fines on businesses that don’t comply will generate new jobs.  Riiiiiiight.
  4. I can buy any insurance plan I want… so long as it meets the minimum requirements of a government mandates.  So I have plenty of choice, so long as I want more/less exactly what the government wants me to have.  And forcing insurers to cover additional coverage (mandates) won’t increase the price of my policy at all.  Riiiiiiight. 
  5. I could go on but you get my drift.

Thinking about where Obama wants to take this country makes me (literally) sick to my stomach.

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