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Conservatives Don’t Care…

I made a Google search this morning for the current whip count and found myself reading a Huffington Post post.  I scanned it for the whip count and noticed that there were over 27,000 comments.  Wow!  Folks clearly care about this vote.  I usually don’t read editorial/opinion comments as they invariably (and rapidly) decline into incivility.  But in scrolling through some comment posts, I did notice two common threads:  1) Conservatives don’t care (… about x, y or z), and 2) Obama is a great speaker. 

Conservatives Don’t Care.  At the risk of generalizing in a way I would normally discount, I think the (typically liberal) argument that Conservatives (or for that matter, any) opposition to the health care reform currently considered means the opposition “doesn’t care”.  While there are no doubt some Conservatives who truly don’t care, I would posit there are a similar number of Liberals.  The “doesn’t care” argument is so subjectively and intellectually vacant, it’s hard to even respond. 

Suffice to say, most Conservatives do care – and care greatly – but differ in their opinion of the source of and method with which said care is delivered.  It’s been proven in various studies that Conservatives give a much greater percentage of their incomes (as well as volunteer time) to charity and charitable causes than Liberals.  In my experience Conservative generally distrust government while Liberals generally trust government.  My own theory is that Conservatives prefer to “care” via private channels such as churches, non-profits, etc. while Liberals prefer the government to deliver the “care”… which holds to each group’s view of the role of government. 

Obama is a Great Speaker and/or Gives Great Speeches.  This part of the post is much more cynical… you are warned.  I don’t comprehend how folks can still be talking about this as if it mattered?  Sure Obama is a great speaker with the cadences and rhythm of a well-versed preacher (and relying heavily on teleprompters).  But I ran out of fingers and toes counting the number of follow-on posts arguing that Republicans can’t speak, or have never elected good speakers, or never gave a great speech, or some such.  I’ll concede that it certainly helps if the leader can speak well… but speaking well alone doesn’t make a good leader.  There must be substance. 

On another note, I can also argue that a great speech is only great if it motivates the listener to do something… typically what the speaker is requesting.  On this, Candidate Obama was a sterling success while President Obama is a dismal failure.  He has given hundreds of speeches on health reform in the past year while public support for the bill fell and continues to fall.  This would seem to prove my (albeit simple) assertion that speeches must have substance and the absence of substance is just “fancy talking”.

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