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2014.  Nearly four full years from this day (or 1,383 days from today if my math skills haven’t fully deteriorated). 

After dedicating what is likely more than a year coaxing, pushing, shoving, and now ramming  “comprehensive health reform” into law NOW… before it’s too late… before all these tens of millions of uninsured become ill… before tens of thousands of families lose their homes… the benefits of the bill don’t come into effect until 2014

Without even arguing whether the provisions are or are not good for specific groups or the county in general, doesn’t it seem a touch INSANE to rush rush rush a bill into law now and then ask everyone to wait until 2014 for the great benefits of this miraculous beast?  On a slight tangent, isn’t it a touch INSANE to raise taxes immediately in the nascent stages of a weak economic recovery… with or without the supposed corresponding benefits?  If the true objective of this reform were to improve health care (quality and access) while reducing cost, would it not be more prudent (and SANE) to break the bill into parts and attempt to pass those parts separately and with immediate effect (after all, how many congressmen have you heard say they like certain aspects of the bill but not others)?

Every intelligent free-thinking person knows the answer to these questions (and the many corollary questions)… and it is in now way related to health care or reform.  Call me a cynic, but to quote LBJ:  “Boys, I may not know much, but I know chicken shit from chicken salad.”  And this whole reform effort looks and smells like chicken shit.

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