Socialist Idiocy Illustrated

So I live in Candler Park, a predominately liberal-leaning neighborhood located just East of downtown Atlanta (see “HindenBush” yard art depicting a dirigible (Hindenburg) in flames for illustration of political leaning).  Browsing through our neighborhood newsletter, I stumbled upon one of the most illogical, irrational, poorly thought-out and presented argument I think I’ve ever laid eyes on. 

BACKGROUND.  There is a major three/four lane East-West roadway along some railroad tracks (incidentally the same track-bed the Union followed into Atlanta during the Battle of Atlanta as well as the Eastern Sub-Continental Divide) which forms the southern border of the neighborhood.  Most of the property along this corridor is old urban industrial which is slowly being converted to a mix of retail and townhome.  There is a small half-acre partially wooded lot on the corridor that is likely the last undeveloped site here.  It is owned by an individual who was planning to develop some townhomes but has been held up by the neighborhood planning committee and one lunatic who have abused Atlanta’s neighborhood approval and tree ordinance to trample upon the subject property owner’s basic property rights.  And this has been going on for some 6 years.  Apparently, some decisions have come down from the City that are unfavorable to the protestors, leading to the following appeal.

Support Dekalb Ave. Green Space, by Teri Stewart

Reasons to vote “Yes” at the March 15 CPNO meeting for letters of community support to save our Dekalb Avenue green space.

If the last publicly accessible greenspace on Dekalb Avenue is destroyed, these will be lost forever: a wooded 1/2 acre with the historic Pecan Tree “Granmaw Gordon” and approximately 75 other native hardwood trees, the last natural watershed on the eastern continental divide, the last noise filter and major oxygen producer.  Air and water quality will suffer, wildlife habitat protected by state and federal laws will be eradicated, and there will not be any public access to the original Gordon Estate which is important to Atlanta’s biracial history.

We can save our green space, our wildlife, and our history by using this 1/2 acre to promote public and alternative transportation as a neighborhood.  30307 has a right to reasonable development and self-determination. 

 Where to begin with this blather?

  1. “Our”.  Let’s start with her use of the word “our”.  Based on the tax records, the property is owned by the developer, not Teri Stewart.  It’s clear this woman has a heavy entitlement mentality.
  2. “Publicly Accessible”.  Well, if it’s private property, it’s not publicly accessible.  And technically speaking, it would be illegal to own a property that wasn’t publicly accessible.  This is a non-argument.
  3. “Last Natural Watershed”.  Huh?  The last one on the entire eastern continental divide?  Also, point of fact, this is on the eastern SUB-continental divide. 
  4. “Last Noise Filter”.  I’m not sure a few trees provide that much of a noise filter.  I would think a well-constructed townhouse development would create a much better buffer of noise from Dekalb Avenue. 
  5. “Last Major Oxygen Filter”.  This city in general, and this neighborhood in particular, is lush with mature trees both in private and public spaces. 
  6. “Air/Water Quality”.  Water comes from the tap and I’m not sure this 1/2 acre is doing much to filter/cleanse the water.  Sure, any loss of vegetation will reduce air quality.  However, any reduction would be imperceptible and the new developer would be required to plant significant (and more aesthetic) vegetation.
  7. “Protected Habitat”.  Specifically which habitat?  I have some experience in protected habitat.  If there were protected habitat on this property, it would have to be remediated (which ain’t cheap). 
  8. “Promote Public/Alternate Transportation”.  Huh?  What? 
  9. “30307’s Rights”.  Wait… so the zip code 30307 has a RIGHT to reasonable development and self-determination?  What about the actual property owner?  What rights does he/she have? 

So with this piece, Teri Stewart asserts non-existant rights over a property she doesn’t own.  And she expects others to follow her in this idiocy.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is the illogical, irrational, idiotic communal socialism that’s creeping into everyday life. 


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Crossing the Rubicon

Victor Davis Hanson wrote an excellent opinion piece on what the passage of the healthcare “reform” bill (here).  He is absolutely right that this bill is very much more about expanding government than reforming healthcare.  Health care is just a vehicle to take greater control of American life. 

Think about it:

  1. Social Security and Medicare are broke… but let’s implement a new entitlement with the objective of reducing cost and lowering the deficit.  Riiiiiiight.
  2. Government will force insurers to take all comers and forbid then from charging more based on risk.  So costs increase while revenues are reduced or held stable… effectively putting insurers out of business or under government bailout (e.g. controlled by government).  Riiiiiiight. 
  3. Raising taxes and fees while imposing fines on businesses that don’t comply will generate new jobs.  Riiiiiiight.
  4. I can buy any insurance plan I want… so long as it meets the minimum requirements of a government mandates.  So I have plenty of choice, so long as I want more/less exactly what the government wants me to have.  And forcing insurers to cover additional coverage (mandates) won’t increase the price of my policy at all.  Riiiiiiight. 
  5. I could go on but you get my drift.

Thinking about where Obama wants to take this country makes me (literally) sick to my stomach.

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Happy Dependence Day

What a day.  We are witness to the height of arrogance, the failure of democracy, and a major rip in the fabric of our society. 

And the media called W polarizing.

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Conservatives Don’t Care…

I made a Google search this morning for the current whip count and found myself reading a Huffington Post post.  I scanned it for the whip count and noticed that there were over 27,000 comments.  Wow!  Folks clearly care about this vote.  I usually don’t read editorial/opinion comments as they invariably (and rapidly) decline into incivility.  But in scrolling through some comment posts, I did notice two common threads:  1) Conservatives don’t care (… about x, y or z), and 2) Obama is a great speaker. 

Conservatives Don’t Care.  At the risk of generalizing in a way I would normally discount, I think the (typically liberal) argument that Conservatives (or for that matter, any) opposition to the health care reform currently considered means the opposition “doesn’t care”.  While there are no doubt some Conservatives who truly don’t care, I would posit there are a similar number of Liberals.  The “doesn’t care” argument is so subjectively and intellectually vacant, it’s hard to even respond. 

Suffice to say, most Conservatives do care – and care greatly – but differ in their opinion of the source of and method with which said care is delivered.  It’s been proven in various studies that Conservatives give a much greater percentage of their incomes (as well as volunteer time) to charity and charitable causes than Liberals.  In my experience Conservative generally distrust government while Liberals generally trust government.  My own theory is that Conservatives prefer to “care” via private channels such as churches, non-profits, etc. while Liberals prefer the government to deliver the “care”… which holds to each group’s view of the role of government. 

Obama is a Great Speaker and/or Gives Great Speeches.  This part of the post is much more cynical… you are warned.  I don’t comprehend how folks can still be talking about this as if it mattered?  Sure Obama is a great speaker with the cadences and rhythm of a well-versed preacher (and relying heavily on teleprompters).  But I ran out of fingers and toes counting the number of follow-on posts arguing that Republicans can’t speak, or have never elected good speakers, or never gave a great speech, or some such.  I’ll concede that it certainly helps if the leader can speak well… but speaking well alone doesn’t make a good leader.  There must be substance. 

On another note, I can also argue that a great speech is only great if it motivates the listener to do something… typically what the speaker is requesting.  On this, Candidate Obama was a sterling success while President Obama is a dismal failure.  He has given hundreds of speeches on health reform in the past year while public support for the bill fell and continues to fall.  This would seem to prove my (albeit simple) assertion that speeches must have substance and the absence of substance is just “fancy talking”.

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3000% Less…

Seen at the tea party protest outside the capital this weekend. 

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No Constitutional Authority

The Heritage Foundation has a video on it’s site where a newsman (?) from CNS News asks Sen. Akaka (D) from Hawaii what the Constitutional basis is for mandating health care.  As you can see from the clip, the Senator is unable (or unwilling) to answer the question.  What a great requirement – that Congress include (nay… prove) the Constitutional basis for each law within a section of the law.

Further, Senator Akaka’s statement “But what we’re trying to do is to provide for people who have needs …” is antithetical to the Constitution’s preamble.  The role of federal government is to provide for a common defense. This in turn promotes the welfare of people by creating a secure environment so that the individual states may govern and free markets prosper.


2014.  Nearly four full years from this day (or 1,383 days from today if my math skills haven’t fully deteriorated). 

After dedicating what is likely more than a year coaxing, pushing, shoving, and now ramming  “comprehensive health reform” into law NOW… before it’s too late… before all these tens of millions of uninsured become ill… before tens of thousands of families lose their homes… the benefits of the bill don’t come into effect until 2014

Without even arguing whether the provisions are or are not good for specific groups or the county in general, doesn’t it seem a touch INSANE to rush rush rush a bill into law now and then ask everyone to wait until 2014 for the great benefits of this miraculous beast?  On a slight tangent, isn’t it a touch INSANE to raise taxes immediately in the nascent stages of a weak economic recovery… with or without the supposed corresponding benefits?  If the true objective of this reform were to improve health care (quality and access) while reducing cost, would it not be more prudent (and SANE) to break the bill into parts and attempt to pass those parts separately and with immediate effect (after all, how many congressmen have you heard say they like certain aspects of the bill but not others)?

Every intelligent free-thinking person knows the answer to these questions (and the many corollary questions)… and it is in now way related to health care or reform.  Call me a cynic, but to quote LBJ:  “Boys, I may not know much, but I know chicken shit from chicken salad.”  And this whole reform effort looks and smells like chicken shit.